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Oneg goes Hollywood!
Posted 05/21/2019 01:58PM

This year's Friday Oneg has included many unique ways of connecting to each of our students at their own age and developmental level. Our newest addition has provided 4th graders with a chance to bring art, technology, and parasha into the same room. The Oneg team, including our Technology Teacher, Andy Greenspan, and our director extraordinaire, Morah Hadas, are guiding 4th graders in creating weekly Parasha videos, in which they are the stars! Each week, a topic in the parasha is imparted with a modern twist. Students practice their lines, choose their costumes and backgrounds, and then film their movie. This new addition has become a highlight of our Onegs and the audience loves seeing classmates up on the big screen while getting a new perspective on the parasha.

To view a video, click HERE.

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