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Grade 4 Visits George Washington's Headquarters
Posted 05/21/2019 12:42AM

Last week, 4th grade students visited the Morris-Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights, which served as George Washington's headquarters during the 1776 Battle of Harlem Heights. At the mansion, students investigated primary sources such as paintings of Roger Morris and Eliza Jumel, who were residents of the house in the 1700's and 1800's, respectively. Students were even able to hold a cannon ball shot by the British that was later excavated and discovered in the mansion's front yard in the 1980's! Students observed many artifacts in the mansion, including furniture and personal belongings. They were fascinated to walk on the original floorboards that several of our very first presidents also stepped upon on over 200 years ago, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They even saw Aaron Burr's bedroom which served as Lin-Manuel Miranda's writing inspiration for the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton." Finally, students participated in a special cipher-making activity in which they learned about codes the colonists used when writing messages to each other during the war. The trip provided background for our upcoming study of the American Revolution and was a fun and engaging experience for both students and teachers alike.

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