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Our "Trip" to Israel
Posted 05/15/2019 11:09AM

Israel's 71st birthday celebration was sababa! All of the children in the ECC learned about Israel, its topography, food, attractions, and art.

Before you can go on an international flight, you need to get a passport. Luckily, all of the children were able to get their passports on time. Some classes looked at passports from different countries and from a different time in history. They saw what information needed to go in the passport and depending on the grade level either the teacher or the children filled in the important information.

Luckily, the plane was on time and everyone had their passports stamped. After buckling up and watching an in-flight movie, the children landed safely at Ben-Gurion airport, and they began their adventure in Israel.

In case you missed them, please click HERE for photos.

The children visited:

A Kibbutz – where they shucked corn, washed clothing with a washboard, milked a cow, collected eggs (and played letter bingo) and learned to work collaboratively.

The Dead Sea- where they participated in sink and float experiments with salt water, enjoyed relaxing with mud masks, ate salty snacks, and made salt art.

Tel-Aviv – This bustling city had beautiful architecture (built by the children), Shuk HaCarmel, a café, and a stop to make bracelets and mosaics.

Tzfat – This beautiful city had gorgeous blue doors, a candle factory – where the children made their own candles, cheese tasting and an opportunity to graph which was the most popular cheese, olive trees (and real olives) and mosaic art.

Eilat – The sun was shining in Eilat as the students fished, played in the sand (and looked for letters or sight words), and prepared and ate delicious and refreshing fruit salad.

All of the children made a "stone" for the Kotel and came for Tefillah or Hatikvah and put a note in the wall.

The Nursery children went on an archaeological dig in our Outdoor Classroom where they found the treasures that were prepared by the Kindergarten children.

The Pre-K and Kindergarten children went on a hike and went through an obstacle course.

It was hard to say goodbye, but we flew back to NY at the end of the day.

The learning throughout this process was amazing! The math, science and literacy opportunities were part of each and every stop.

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