News From Ramaz

Exploring our neighborhood and community workers
Posted 05/15/2019 05:10PM

In the past few weeks, the first graders at Ramaz went on neighborhood walks! The students, accompanied by parents and teachers, walked up and down 85th Street exploring all the different places where people can purchase goods and services. They kept track of their observations using a checklist. The neighborhood walks are part of the students' year-end study of community workers, which integrates portions of the first-grade reading, writing, and social studies curricula. Students are already hard at work writing their nonfiction community worker magazines, which they will present to their parents in June. This unit began in February when the children learned all about nonfiction books, especially how to use their special text features, such as the table of contents, glossary, and headings. Then the fun began! The students selected community workers about whom they wanted to learn more. In the weeks that followed, they did research about the community workers, they took this amazing community walk, and they wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

On the walk, students observed that it takes the hard work of many different community workers to keep our neighborhood and the people in it, safe and healthy.

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