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RamCorps. Volunteer at The Bronx Choice Pantry
Posted 05/15/2019 04:40PM

RamCorps students worked at The Bronx Choice Pantry. As Choice Pantry volunteers they helped provide free grocery packages for food-insecure families, guided the clients as they entered their food orders on an iPad, filled orders and personally gave the brim full grocery bags to the clients.

The word choice took on new meaning at the Pantry, it was the choice of food items that clients were given. They chose products that complemented their cultural preferences. To "choose" underscores independence. Our students gained a new appreciation for the precious freedom to choose at the Pantry.

RamCorps volunteers helped to fill the Pantry's goal for this week. This note of appreciation was sent to our volunteers:

"From Thursday to Saturday, We served over 2000 clients and provided close to 20,000 meals thanks to our volunteer support. We hope you can volunteer with us again in the future!

Thank you so much,

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