News From Ramaz

Posted 05/08/2019 11:28PM

By Mordechai S. (Grade 5)

Parashat Kedoshim starts by telling us that we should be holy because Hashem is holy. Then it starts telling us to do some halachot or laws. Two of the many halachot are the laws of Peah and Leket (19:9-10). Peah is the law in which you leave the fallen twigs and the fallen fruit for the poor people and converts. Leket is when you leave a corner of your field for the poor people and converts.

Even though we can't do these mitzvot here in the Diaspora, I think we can do these mitzvot in a different way. Maybe we can use some of our "Peah," or our "extra" to help someone who can use it. For example, we can give some of our change from the supermarket to Tzedakah. We can do "Leket" by going out of our way to give a check to Tzedakah or by visiting the sick in hospitals.

I hope this Dvar Torah and finding ways to follow the mitzvot of Peah and Leket will help to make your Shabbat more meaningful.

Shabbat Shalom.

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