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Posted 04/11/2019 04:58PM

By Avi F. (Grade 6)

In this week's parasha, we continue to learn about the process for purifying the person who has צרעת (leprosy). We are told about the ritual the Kohen has to perform on the day a person becomes טהור, pure. The ritual requires two birds, a cedar stick, hyssop, a string of red wool, and shaving of the person's head. Afterward, the Torah tells us what to do if there is צרעת on a house. We are told what the צרעת has to look like, that the owners have to clear out the house so that nothing in the house gets contaminated, and also what needs to be done in order to remove the section of the house which has צרעת on it.

When discussing the rules of צרעת on a house it says: "ובא אשר לו הבית והגיד לכהן לאמר כנגע נראה לי בבית; the owner of the house shall come and tell the high-priest: "Something which looks like a plague (צרעת) has appeared in my house." Technically, the owner can make the determination by themselves, whether it is indeed צרעת. But we are told that the Kohen, nevertheless, has to do that.

Rashi tells us that we can learn from this that even if someone has learned a lot of Torah and knows for sure that the thing on their house is צרעת, they should still be respectful of the Kohen and act like they don't know for sure if it indeed is צרעת.

We can learn from this that even if one knows a lot, one shouldn't be a know-it-all. Instead one should be respectful of those around them. No matter how much you know, there will always be things you don't know which you can learn from others.

שבת שלום

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