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US Mishloach Manot Program allows for ...
Posted 04/03/2019 01:00PM

This year's Purim Mishloach Manot Project was a huge success. Administrators, teachers, and students were extremely generous, and over $5,000 dollars was raised. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Tzedakah and Chesed Committee members, 500 Purim gift bags were packaged with Israeli products. Our goal has been achieved, and we can contribute generously toward the writing of a Sefer Torah in memory of Sam Farkas z"l. We have been given the zechut to have the entire Sefer Shemot written in Sam's honor. We were also able to deliver 35 Purim bags, personally, to the medical staff and families at the Mt. Sinai Pediatric Cardiology Unit. These mitzvot were made possible through the generosity and care of the Upper School participants. Thank you all!

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