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Kudos to Our New York City History Day Contest Entrants
Posted 04/03/2019 05:23PM

Three Middle School students have submitted their approximately 2500 word carefully researched and annotated historical papers to be judged against peers throughout the city at New York City History Day, an educational project held at the Museum of the City of New York in affiliation with National History Day.

In accordance with this year's contest theme "Triumph and Tragedy in History," the students and their entries are:

Elliot D.: In "Mahatma Ghandi: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Bringing Change Through Satyagraha or Nonviolent Noncooperation," Elliot explored Ghandi's dual mission of improving life for lower class Indians and securing independence for India from Great Britain, and described both the positive and negative legacies of this famous leader.

Ari P.: In "How Stephen Hawking Triumphed Through Tragedy with IQ and EQ," Ari demonstrated how this great scientist, who was stricken with the devastating disease ALS, used both his intellectual and emotional intelligences to lead a relatively happy and productive life.

Andrew S.: In "Winston Churchill: A Triumphant Leader who became a Tragic Hero," Andrew analyzed Churchill's leadership qualities as a wartime head-of-state and described the disappointments he suffered in the postwar years when he lost political power and Britain lost its empire.

These young scholars defended their papers before the judges and we congratulate all of them on completing such an ambitious and labor intensive research project. We excitedly await the judges' response. We also thank Dr. Judy Sokolow for mentoring the students.

If there is a young scholar in your household who will be in 8th grade next year and might want to participate in the 2020 contest (see for more information including additional categories in which students may compete), please have the student contact Dr. Sokolow at to explore the possibilities.

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