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A Jewish "Hot" topic
Posted 03/20/2019 01:35PM

The Environmental Club and Ms. Haham's Hebrew class united and were happy to host the Halachic and Environmental expert, Mr. Hody Nemes as a guest speaker. Mr. Nemes was an Environmental scholar at Yale University and is currently a Rabbinical student at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. Mr. Nemes was able to discuss the significance of climate change and preserving and maintaining our planet in both Hebrew and English.

When we hear the words "climate change," or "global warming," many of us envision a polar bear's ice home melting away. However, climate change is also affecting people all over the world. Hurricanes are becoming more frequent because of climate change, resulting in mass deaths, such as the 1,427 people that died during Hurricane Marina in Puerto Rico.

We learned that climate change, burning fossil fuels such as gas and coal, adds more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, trapping heat from the Sun. Climate change is bringing devastating effects such as the fires in California, famine to places such as Syria, and desertification when fertile land turns to desert.

Additionally, global warming has been a pressing issue for quite some time. In 1988, Dr. James Hanson from NASA spoke to Congress about global warming and the urgency to fix it. That was over 30 years ago, and still, the government has not responded to this issue head-on.

Mr. Nemes is committed to continuing his Rabbinical and Environmental studies and we hope to utilize him as a great resource in our collaboration with Ramaz to fulfill our Jewish obligation to preserve and protect our planet.

-Samantha S. '21

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