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Building Cantilever Bridges like Emily Warren Roebling
Posted 03/20/2019 11:43AM

As part of their study of the city of New York and Women's History Month, the students in second grade learned about Emily Warren Roebling and the significant contributions she made to the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Connecting to their knowledge about the different types of bridges, they learned about a structure called "cantilever," where a beam or a plate extends from and is supported on one side. They saw pictures of cantilever bridges and buildings in New York City and then worked with partners to build their own cantilevers with base ten blocks. The students had so much fun figuring out how to build the longest cantilever- how many blocks to use, where to place them, how much weight was needed to support the extending side and whether to extend far out or a little at a time. It was wonderful to see our budding planners and engineers at work.

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