News From Ramaz

Posted 03/14/2019 10:46AM

By Avi F. (Grade 6)

In this week's parasha, פרשת ויקרא, we learn all about the work of the כהנים, and how to bring korbanot. At the beginning of the parasha, we learn from what group of animals you have to bring the korbanot. It has to be tame animals, like a sheep or cow, and it could not be an animal that you set aside for Avoda Zara. We also learn about what specific parts are supposed to be sacrificed on the mizbaech/altar. Later on in the parasha, we learn about the Korban Mincha, which is a korban that is made with flour, water, and oil. We learn how to make it and how to sacrifice it. We also learn how to give a korban for a sin which was committed by all of Bnei Yisrael.

At the beginning of the parasha it says: "ויקרא אל משה". In this phrase the א in the word ויקרא is small. This usually doesn't happen in the Torah. One way of explaining this is that Moshe was humble. If you take away the א from ויקרא the word is now ויקר, meaning that God talking to Moshe was just a chance happening and not an honor. Moshe asked God to write ויקר and not ויקרא. God made a compromise with Moshe and made the א small so that it could technically look like both words.

We can learn from this to be humble. Even if you do something amazing, you shouldn't show off about it, but you should be modest about it. שבת שלום

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