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Oreos illustrate the phases of the moon - Lunar Interdisciplinary Day
Posted 03/13/2019 01:33PM

With a vision of showing the students that all learning can be connected, our 7th and 8th graders had an Interdisciplinary Day on Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet to study how the calendar impacts our lives. Each student had five classes, and each class focused on a relevant aspect of the calendar for that discipline. In history, students did a "jigsaw" lesson, working in small groups to study various calendar controversies in history and then sharing their findings with the other groups. In Chumash, students learned the Tanakh and Midrashic sources behind having a shana meuberet (leap year) every few years. This was followed by Gemara, where the halakhic sources were reviewed, as well as the relevance of Purim Katan and the intersection of the solar and lunar calendars in Judaism. In math, students studied Gauss's Formula to calculate when Pesach would fall or worked on a game that explained how the Jewish calendar changes from year to year. Finally in science, students learned about the phases of the moon, as illustrated through Oreo cookies.

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