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Shabbat Yachad: The Power of One and One More and...
Posted 02/27/2019 06:24PM


  • One warm and responsive kahal
    • One beautiful synagogue
    • One great Shabbat afternoon Oneg
    • 24 Yachad Members
    • 24 Yachad College Advisers
    • 7 Coordinators
    • 35 Ramaz Students
    • 21 Host Homes


    • Add passion, Divrei Torah, spirited dancing, singing, laughter and boundless sharing of ONEself.
    • Add a Motzei Shabbat Open Gym Night to shoot baskets, play limbo, and eat pizza.
    • Mix well, and a perfect community of inclusion emerges.

    Ya'sher Koach to the students, Rabbis, teachers, and KJ/Ramaz families who helped to make our Yachad Shabbaton a memorable and impactful one. This year marked the 28th anniversary of celebrating Shabbat with Yachad friends. Kudos to the student chairpersons of this challenging event: senior Hannah S., juniors Rachel S. and Gail T. and sophomore Rebecca M.

    Rachel and Gail spoke at Seudah Shlishit, and they captured the essence of their Yachad and Friendship Circle experiences with humility, authenticity and passion. Their ma'aseh chesed are an expression of the values we aspire for all of our students, m'chayil l'chayil.

    "Rose not only gives me a sense of fulfillment, but she teaches me to be creative, patient, and understanding, and I leave each visit with a smile on my face.

    My special friends have taught me to embrace the qualities that make us different because you never know what they may offer.

    While I began visiting Rose with the goal of making her happy, she has given me back more than I have given her." Excerpted from Rachel's speech.

    Hinei ma tov umanaim shevet achim gam YACHAD!

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