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100th Day of Fun
Posted 02/27/2019 03:23PM

The children in kindergarten have been counting the days of school since day one. In celebration of the much anticipated 100th day that arrived this week, all four kindergarten classes started their day together.

They celebrated 100 in assorted ways. Each class brought a mystery box with 100 items in it and gave clues to the other classes. Each class wrote out 25 Purim costumes – together they added up to 100. They also did 100 movements together. Each class suggested two different motions like jumping jacks and spinning that were each done 10 times and then group thought of the last 2 for a total of 100 moves.

The fun continued as the children built a 100-piece puzzle, sorted Orbeads into 10 cups with 10 in each to see what 100 looks like, placed the numbers 1-100 on a magnetic board, and decorated a big number 100 poster with things that they have learned about this year. They had building challenges and used 100 different classroom items, went on scavenger hunts to find 100 items by 10 groups of ten, placed the numbers 1-100 back in order after mixing them up, and made lists such as "100 words we know" and "100 places in the world." The children worked on creative writing pieces, such as what they would buy with $100, what they could eat 100 of, and what they would NOT want 100 of. They used a die to roll and race to 100 on a board of ten frames, and decorated their own 100th day hats!

The day was a great celebration of what we have learned and how we have become a community of friends and learners during the first 100 days of school!

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