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The K-Tcheylet Train Station Grand Opening! - View Photos
Posted 02/27/2019 02:41PM

With an interest in transportation, K-Tcheylet chose to learn about trains. First, they visited the subway on 86th street, where they saw the ticket booth, signs, tracks, and the trains.

Then, they went about planning their subway station, which took many weeks of collaboration and work, applying their literacy and math knowledge along the way. Using the woodworking tools, they built a solid booth for selling tickets. They made MetroCards and wrote destinations on them using their word wall and their skills of sounding out words and inventive spelling.

As part of this unit, they made a twister game, drawing pictures and labeling different modes of transportation (e.g., car, helicopter, hot air balloon). They also wrote a story about a woman who went on a subway, which had great suspense. And they even made a stop on the train be a farm, where they used their math skills to figure out the pricing and help others add up the coins they were given.

On the day of the opening, the children held various jobs, including train conductors who would push the trains, ticket booth helpers who handed out MetroCards, and a direction helper to help read the location they would go to. There were workers at the farm station collecting money for fruit, children teaching the visitors how to play the transportation twister game, and helpers teaching visitors the Hebrew names for shapes. We also had a few children as our storytellers. The visitors went into train cars (boxes the children built on scooters) and visited the Ramaz station where they played twister; the farm station where they bought fruit, and the Bentzi station where they heard the story the children had written.

All of the children felt incredibly proud applying their skills and knowledge to this project.

Please click HERE for pictures.

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