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​House of Fashion At Ramaz: The French Culture Club Hosts Ms. Caroline Rennolds Milbank
Posted 02/20/2019 03:51PM

By Samantha S.

The French Culture Club had the honor to present fashion historian, author and expert, Ms. Caroline Rennolds Milbank. Ms. Milbank spoke about French culture in the 18th century, when Napoleon III branded Paris as the location of luxury. An era of extreme opulence and public social flaunting, it would be common for the French to parade extravagant gowns and stroll through a park, simply for others to see.

In addition, Ms. Milbank spoke about Charles Frederick Worth, the founder of Haute Couture. Worth revolutionized fashion. It was unusual that a male got involved with women's fashion at all. He went far beyond even that. Charles Frederick Worth was the first to create an actual brand, and was the first to put his signature label, thus creating the first house of Haute Couture fashion. He was also a global designer, dressing people from French royals and courtesans, to Prime Minister Winston Churchill's mother.

Ms. Milbank highlighted the synthesis of actual French life, culture, history, and design and made it all come to life. It was fascinating to realize that what we take for granted today in the way of advertising and brand recognition had its origin in 19th century France thus creating a brand like Nike or Chanel or Hermès, was actually once a new concept with French origins.

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