News From Ramaz

Posted 02/07/2019 03:05PM

By Shoshana S. (Grade 8)

This week's parasha, Parashat Terumah, discusses the keilim in the Mishkan. The Torah is very specific in describing how they must look and from what material they are to be made. First, the text discusses the Aron. The Aron was made up of three layers. The inner and outer layers were gold, while the middle layer was made of wood. We also learn that the Menorah was carved from one solid piece of gold and the Mizbeach HaZahav was made of gold, but it was hollow on the inside.

If you were to look at all these keilim from the outside, they would all look as if they are made out of the same material - gold. You would not be able to tell that one had wood inside (The Aron), another had gold inside (The Menorah), and yet another was hollow (The Mizbeach).

These keilim teach us a very important lesson. You can never judge someone just based on how they look on the outside. You never know how they are feeling or what they have been through. On The inside, they might be hollow, or they might be wooden, or they might be gold throughout. Or as one might say "Don't judge an Aron by it's cover".

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