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Pre-K Lavan Children Bring Skiing To Ramaz!
Posted 02/06/2019 09:04PM

"Which winter sport would you like to try?" That was the question of the day - for Pre-K Lavan - on a frigid cold morning! The ECC children put their names in the column for the sport that they were interested in trying including: skiing, sledding, ice hockey, and snowboarding. This led to fun conversations about different winter sports! Children were eager to share their experiences relating to each sport with their classmates. They researched different winter sports and shared what we learned with their friends. Many children had a lot to say about skiing! Teachers used inquiry based learning to dive deeper into this sport. Children were asked how they thought they could make their own winter sports equipment in the classroom -- which everyone was super excited about. After looking at pictures of skis, the children looked through the classes' recycled materials to create skis, goggles, and helmets. They worked collaboratively as they measured, cut, and taped the materials together. Students also learned some skiing positions including the "pizza position" and the "french fry position." The children were excited to go "skiing" in Pre-K Lavan! They went on a ski lift (the elevator) to a mountain (that the children built with the Imagination Playground on the Alcove roof) and used the equipment they created to ski! Stayed tuned for more winter sports in Pre-K Lavan!

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