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Posted 01/24/2019 11:49PM

By Liam G., Jack G., and Jeremy P.

To start this Dvar Torah, we are posing a question. Why is the story where Yitro tells Moshe to get helpers in the Torah? What lesson is this showing us? Our opinion is that the reason Yitro made Moshe seek advisors was to make sure he didn't go power crazy and think that he was better than everyone else.

When Yitro urges Moshe to create a system of elders and judges, we recall another story in the Torah where it is apparent that going at it alone is unwise. In Bereishit we learn that Hashem observed that it was "lo tov" (not good) for Adam to be alone, and so he created Eve to be his partner. Similarly, in this week's parasha, Yitro states that it was "lo tov" for Moshe to give judgement on his own.

Did you see the connection between the two texts? Both Adam and Moshe were alone and pointed out in the text as "levado."

In both instances, we learn that partners are necessary and "tov." The means to finding the correct partners in both instances were similarly democratic. Both Adam and Moshe considered all members as potential partners -- Adam attempted to choose from all of the beings that had been created before him, and Moshe chose among all of the children of Israel. Although Hashem had to create Eve after Adam's search, the process is still an important one.

Yitro and Hashem had similar ideas when it came to the importance of partnership, and we think that we can learn something from this idea: Whenever we feel we are better than everyone else, we should surround ourselves with equals or betters, reminding us that everything is always done better as a partnership, which ultimately speaks to our unique relationship and partnership with Hashem as well.

Shabbat Shalom.

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