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MS Celebrates Tu B'Shevat Through Composting and Recycling!
Posted 01/23/2019 03:23PM

Students, faculty, and staff in the Middle School enthusiastically separated food-scraps, plates, utensils, napkins and cups - and placed them into their proper bins on Tuesday. Out of 127 pounds of waste produced in the Middle School kitchen and lunchroom that day, ONLY 18 pounds, just 14% ended up in landfill! That was only 1/2 of one garbage bag! The rest was transported in several bags to a NYC compost drop off location or for recycling. In one day, students reduced the Middle School's contribution to landfill by 86%.

To prepare, all Middle School students learned about composting and waste management choices during advisory and in science classes.

The effort to be environmentally friendly was embraced by all. Students gave "high-fives" and sang "compost" songs. Staff and faculty asked wonderful questions and shared stories of good environmental practices. Everyone contributed to help improve the world and perform the mitzvah of tikkun olam.

What a beautiful way to honor Tu B'Shevat! Special thanks to the kitchen and building staff!

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