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Ramaz Rams vs. SAR Sting - ATBF: Playing for Quality of Life Initiatives for the Long-Term Injured
Posted 01/02/2019 10:04PM

Ramaz Rams vs. SAR Sting

ATBF: Playing for Quality of Life Initiatives for the Long-Term Injured

In anticipation of this evening's hockey games, to be played by the JV and Varsity hockey teams of Ramaz and SAR to support the incomparable work of the Alan T Brown Foundation, Mrs. Fran Brown, the founder and president of the Foundation, and Ramaz alumnus Ethan Stein '10, Chair of the ATBF's Young Professional Board, spoke to the junior and senior students.

Ramaz has a special connection with the Brown Family -- Mr. Benjy Brown z"l '55 (who was an important member of the Ramaz Institutional Advancement office), and their sons, Alan '85, Daniel '89, and Steven '82, are all Ramaz alumni. Alan had a water skiing accident in 1988 that left him paralyzed, at the age of 21 — a quadriplegic — confined to a wheelchair. The family moved forward, establishing the Foundation to bring a better quality of life to individuals with paralysis. Alan is actively involved in the Foundation and has dedicated time, energy, and immeasurable commitment in advocating for the disabled, an integral part of his philosophy is "Never Say Never."

For paralyzed individuals, Mrs. Brown explained, simple tasks are monumental. ATBF assists by showing paralyzed individuals how to overcome obstacles and adjust from a life of what "was" to a new world of "what is."

The students connected to Ethan's engaging and relatable style, and were inspired by his humble beginnings with the Foundation:

Close to fifteen years ago, when I was in the 7th grade at Ramaz, I attended a Ramaz vs. SAR Hockey Game to benefit the Foundation, similar to tomorrow evening's annual event. Mrs. Brown spoke between periods and ever since hearing her speak about the Foundation's impact on the lives of people with spinal cord injuries I was sold! I didn't know anything about paralysis but, something Mrs. Brown said stuck with me. I contacted her the very next day and expressed that I wanted to be involved—and that is where my connection to ATBF begins.

My wish to you is that as you move on to college, and later in the work force, as a gifted, sensitive, and able-bodied people you recognize and are thankful for your remarkable strengths. May you use these gifts to bring joy and support to other wonderful people who will benefit from the power of your ABILITIES.

To raise money for the Foundation, students are selling raffle tickets for prizes that they worked to secure. Students are also dedicating this week's proceeds from Friday's Challah Bake Sale to ATBF. All donations are welcome, and needed! Many thanks to all!

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