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8th Grade Hears From Holocaust Survivor Mrs. Bronia Brandman
Posted 12/19/2018 08:43PM

The 8th graders were privileged to hear a riveting address from Mrs. Bronia Brandman. A native of western Poland, Mrs. Brandman lost almost her entire family to the Nazis, and she herself is a child survivor of Auschwitz. The students heard Mrs. Brandman describe her life before the war, surrounded by cousins and other extended family members, and how she worshiped her older sister, Mila. At one point, Mrs. Brandman had the opportunity to hide with an elderly Polish couple, but she decided not to, as it would mean giving up her Judaism. Mrs. Brandman concluded her presentation with a charge to the students to not take the State of Israel for granted, nor to "let Hitler win," but to cling to their Jewish values. The students appreciated the significance of meeting a survivor, as they are likely the last generation to do so.

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