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K-Zahav Takes An Integrated Approach To Learning Frank Asch's Moonbear Stories!
Posted 12/19/2018 08:35PM

Students in K-Zahav love to read books! After examining their choices and taking a class vote, the children chose to study author Frank Asch. They read some of his books while learning about space, and when the question was posed as to which author to study, Frank Asch was the clear winner!

The class read many of his children's books including, Mooncake, Moongame, Happy Birthday Moon, and Moonbear's Dream. These stories follow Moonbear and Little Bird's different adventures. The books are very funny -- in all of them, Moonbear thinks something is happening, that is not really happening!

Throughout the unit, the learning was focused on these "Moonbear" books. This included, breaking down the books into "Story Maps," which means students were encouraged to compare and contrast the stories using venn diagrams. They also used Moonbear pictures to write their own math stories! In Hebrew, they played a game of "I Spy" using pictures from Moonbear's Dream. In the Art Center, they painted in the style of Frank Asch and "hid" yellow circles (the moon) in their artwork.

The children practiced retelling these stories in many ways; by writing and illustrating their own class book in the style of Asch, sharing their own personal stories from their "Author Chair," and playing fun games like Brown Paper Bag, in which a group of children got a bag of random items and used them to put on a play.

Together the children wrote a letter to Frank Asch – please see below and see Moonbear's response!

K-Zahav's letter:

Dear Moonbear,

We love your books! They are so funny. We like how you think. You are so creative. In Moonbear's Dream, why did you make such a mess? In Mooncake, why did you want to eat the moon?

Love, K-Zahav, from The Ramaz School in NYC

Moonbear's response:

Thanks for your letter! I think making a big mess is fun if you don't have to clean it up. And I want to taste everything! Did any of you ever dream a dream that you knew was a dream even when you were in the middle of dreaming it? Did you ever make a big mess? ❤️ Moonbear

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