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LS Students Receive #MenschMadness Swag Just In Time For Break - Go Out There And Be A Mensch!
Posted 12/18/2018 02:07PM

With Winter Break just days away, everyone is eagerly awaiting the upcoming time off. Last week, as part of our end-of-semester wrap up, each of our students received awesome "Mensch Madness" swag to enjoy and keep them warm through the next few winter months. It was a nice surprise for our students - and also a chance for them to proudly display our Mission of Menschlichkeit wherever they go!

Wherever students spend the break, we hope they will consider wearing their Mensch Madness swag and share our school's message through kind actions. How we choose to conduct ourselves, especially on break and outside of school, is supremely important. Wishing everyone a relaxing and enjoyable time and we look forward to spending the second half of the year together with you all!

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