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Senior Students Meet With Ms. Anna Hanau of Grow & Behold
Posted 12/12/2018 08:38PM

Last week, the senior students in our Service Learning and Design Thinking courses, met with Ms. Anna Hanau, one half of the couple behind Grow & Behold, an 8-year-old company bringing premium pastured kosher meats (OU certified) to customers across the United States, and to many in our school! Grow & Behold's products include: beef, chicken, lamb, veal, duck, and turkey - all are raised outdoors on pasture with no hormones or antibiotics, and shipped all over the United States!

Their nitrate-free Beef Jerky was a huge hit with the students who at first couldn't believe it was actually kosher, and then couldn't believe how tasty it was! Ms. Hanau explained that their customers are motivated by the environmental and social ethics of the company, since the Hanau's started out as organic farmers (click HERE to read more about their amazing story). The students had great questions about scale, decision-making, meat-eating, the educational opportunities that go along with a business, and more.

The goal of having Ms. Hanau present to Ramaz students was to complement the themes of both courses, namely to: identify one's passion, and then to recruit a team of people who believe in your idea and who will support your efforts with their finances and with their time. Ultimately, it's the basic tenet of social entrepreneurship: design, (as in Design Thinking), and using your innovative idea creatively to serve a communal need, (as in Service Learning). Students were all eager to try more Grow & Behold products at home!

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