News From Ramaz

LS Students Enjoy Chanukah Carnival Put On By MS Menschen!
Posted 12/12/2018 08:50PM

Chanukah is a holiday that celebrates our dedication to our mesorah, our legacy and traditions, throughout the ages. The lights of the Chanukiyah remind us of the steadfast approach to Torah and mitzvot represented by the Maccabees which still rings true today. On Monday, we had the opportunity to embody that mesorah as the MS students, together with Ms. Sandy Dweck, built a Chanukah Carnival for the Lower School's first and second grade students. The MS students ran each station with joy and enthusiasm as they created a welcoming and warm environment for the LS children to have fun, explore, and enjoy the final day of Chanukah. It was a wonderful sight to see the two schools join together to celebrate the holiday and show their menschlichkeit towards each other.

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