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Lower School Chanukah STEAM Program - Welcome To The Spin Zone!
Posted 12/12/2018 08:53PM

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math came alive this past week, as the entire LS took part in a wonderful collaboration of specialties in our Chanukah STEAM program. Each student had the opportunity to design his or her own wooden dreidels with unique markers and stickers. The students gathered in groups to enter the "Spin Zone" where they had the chance to test their dreidels on three different spinning surfaces. Afterward, they entered the "Black Light Spin Zone," where their dreidels came to life - shining in a variety of ways that could not be seen in regular light. Students had a chance to redesign their dreidels, based on what they observed in the Black Light Spin Zone and then come back to see them react again to the new environment.

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