News From Ramaz

Rabbi Dr. Ezra Frazer Participates In Israel's Bible Quiz Of Champions - Check Out This Israeli News Segment!
Posted 12/12/2018 02:21PM

On Chanukah, US Judaic Studies teacher Rabbi Dr. Ezra Frazer traveled to Israel to participate in the Chidon Ha-Tanach Aluf Ha-Alufim (Bible Quiz of Champions), a contest between 16 all-time greats from the Chidon Ha-Tanach (International Bible Quiz). In addition to the competition, participants were treated to a special tour by the Israeli Antiquities Authority. They showed the group the actual Dead Sea Scrolls and demonstrated how infrared cameras can restore the text of damaged scrolls. (A report of the tour appeared on the evening news in Israel, see below!)

According to Rabbi Frazer, "it was incredible to spend several days with a group of brilliant Tanach experts." The organizers from Israel's Education Ministry emphasized how Israeli and Diaspora Jews share a common bond through their shared love of Tanach. The contest's television broadcast included a segment about Chidon champions who promote Tanach in the Diaspora, and aired a brief clip of Rabbi Frazer teaching at Ramaz.

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