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"Together for Them" Elami-Elatzmi Delegation יום ההוקרה
Posted 11/28/2018 10:20PM

Five years ago, the Israeli Knesset established an official Veterans' Day, November 29/18th of Kislev, honoring wounded soldiers and victims of terror.

In recognition of יום ההוקרה, the Upper School welcomed a delegation of four IDF combat veterans wounded during various military operations. The soldiers visited with students in Talmud, Tanakh, JLT, Biology, Chemistry and English classes where they shared their stories in an informal setting. These mifgashim were empowering experiences for all. The soldiers, Major Ofir Anidjar, Major Shlomi Becha, Reservist Daniel Friedmann and Lieutenant Amit Maoz were upbeat and excited to be with American students and faculty who expressed their solidarity with Israel, and with whom they share mutual values, responsibilities, and a love of country.

As we neared Thanksgiving, we were proud to thank our Israeli heroes. We value our American-Israeli brotherhood, a vital connection that we are committed to maintaining and supporting. Special thanks to our teachers who welcomed the Israeli veterans to their classes.

Major Shlomi Becha concluded his presentation with the most encouraging and impactful message and said,
"You can always decide which way to go in life. You can complain or you can say this is the situation for now. I'll try to do the best at everything I do. Never give up on anything, dream, wish and fulfill your dreams."

To fully appreciate the impact of our soldiers' visits watch their short films:

Lieutenant Amit Maoz:

Reservist Daniel Friedman:

Major Ofir Anidjar

Major Shlomi Becha

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