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Business Investment Club Hears From Wealth Manager at Morgan Stanley
Posted 11/26/2018 11:33AM

The Business Investment Club (BIC) was honored to welcome Mr. Douer, a wealth manager at Morgan Stanley who has been in the business for over 30 years. His job is to help create a financial plan for his clients where they don't spend more than they save so that their money grows. To do this clients need a budget and to invest. Based on his experience, Mr. Douer has a system that works very well for him. He wakes up each morning and reads the news - checking to see what went on in the global economy while he was asleep. Then, he can make predictions on what he thinks will happen in the US economy that day. With this information he looks to his clients portfolios of investments in order to see what to buy and sell. He mainly invests in stocks, bonds, and a few real assets such as real estate and commodities. The "fun part of his job" is following many different companies and countries, currencies, interest rates, etc., which are all necessary for him to succeed at his job. There are a lot of exciting things happening all the time, and being updated on this news gives him an edge.

- Lucy D. '20

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