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ECC Highlights: From A Traveling Planetarium To A Self-Made Gym To Going Under The Sea, The ECC Is Packed With Great Experiences!
Posted 11/14/2018 10:28PM

In a Galaxy far, far away.. or right here in Ramaz!

Several of the Kindergarten classes spent weeks studying the sun, moon and stars. As a culminating activity, Cosmic I.Q a traveling planetarium came to Ramaz. Many of the children have never seen a planetarium and seeing a large dome in the middle of the auditorium raised many questions. Once inside, the moon journey began. The children experienced the journey from beginning to end (through the eyes of three flies that hitched a ride). They then ventured into the galaxy and saw and learned about the sun and all of the planets. The children had learned so much about these planets and impressed all of us with their knowledge. The experience was OUT OF THIS WORLD!


The K-Kachol gym was open for business!

After weeks of study and preparation, the K-Kachol gym opened to the public. The children worked together, researched and used their math, literacy, and Hebrew skills to put together a gym that had a spectacular grand opening.

Everyone is K-Kachol had their own important job. Children greeted the "members" and gave them a sticker with the gym name on it (the children wrote the name), "trainers" were ready with weights – made by the children! A "yoga instructor" was on hand with handmade yoga mats – also made by the class – including a sequence of yoga moves that the children put together. The "clients" needed to follow the sequence (a great pre-literacy skill). In addition, what would a gym be without a smoothie and electrolyte bar? The children followed a recipe in Hebrew, made the drinks and wrote the ingredients in English. Everyone was refreshed and rejuvenated after their visit.


Under the Sea with K-Segol

K-Segol worked for weeks on investigating, experimenting and building their undersea world. The children wrote an invitation inviting the other classes to visit! Each child was given a job and they worked on figuring out how to teach their guests how to search for sea-creatures. In order to teach them, they had to be prepared with the correct information. Children learned about the layers of the sea, sea creatures, submarines, and more! They built a submarine, made sea creatures, and labeled them -- and made a board game and a matching game! When the other classes visited, the children were ready with tours and games that showed everything they learned. It was an unbelievable experience!


Pre-K Havdalah evening

Motzei Shabbat will be an exciting evening as the Pre-K will come together for an evening of ruach and fun! In order to prepare for this evening, the Pre-K classes have started a new tradition – they join together once a month to have Tefillah and Havdalah together. Since the children had their first experience with this, each class came prepared with riddles for something about Havdalah. One class wrote a riddle about the candle, another about the wine and the third about the b'samim. The children then went on a yoga journey using their senses from Havdalah to sing together.

In addition to preparing in school, the children visited the Star Candle Factory. They saw first-hand how candles were made, from the wax, to the wicks. It was fascinating. Thank you to Karen and Steven Gurewitsch for welcoming us and taking us on a tour. This will also help lead into Chanukah in a beautiful and meaningful way.


K-Shabbat Dinner

The Kindergarten children are extremely excited for the Kindergarten Shabbat Dinner. The children prepared by making Challah covers, expressing what they love about Shabbat – these became centerpieces and writing riddles about what they have been learning in school – the creation of the world! The evening will be filled with Tefillah, song, friends, and family.

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