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Upper School Sephardi Culture Club Visits Historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue
Posted 11/14/2018 12:15PM

Last week, the Upper School's Sephardi Culture Club took a trip to the historical Spanish Portuguese Synagogue on the Upper West Side. The students received a private tour and historical guide by the synagogue's program manager. They learned about the history of the community and had a chance to see artifacts that are still being used from precolonial times -- when the first 23 members established the community in 1643.

After the guide, students learned and sang an ancient Ladino song. They also had the privilege to be visited by the synagogues Shamosh and Chazzan who taught them original tunes for Az Yashir and Hallel as well as a post Birkat HaMazon song in the original Spanish.

The US Sephardi Culture Club has close to 50 members from both Ashkenazi and Sephardi backgrounds. The club is headed by student Ela R. and Rabbi Yosef Albo. They meet monthly and explore culture, cuisine, history, music, and more.

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