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Kaleidoscope: A Ramaz Hebrew Workshop For Seniors On Stigmas and Stereotypes
Posted 12/31/2018 02:52PM

This week, the senior Hebrew classes met with Ms. Chana Zweiter and Mr. Eihab Kadah for a diversity and inclusivity workshop. Ms. Zweiter is Founding Director of Kaleidoscope, an educational approach aimed at promoting the spirit and skills of respectful diversity. She was joined by Mr. Kadah, one of Kaleidoscope's Arab facilitators, in a workshop designed to reduce stereotypes towards our Arab population and to encourage reflection on minorities in our own community. Ms. Zweiter received the Bonei Zion Award presented to her at the Knesset for her contribution to diversity education in Israel.

Ms. Zweiter and Mr. Kadah shared their personal stories, and they captured the students' attention through anecdotes that pointed to the inherent prejudices that must be recognized. Violence and terror attacks are always wrong, both clearly stated. Ms. Zweiter's son was a classmate of Ari Fuld's z"l, and, she firmly noted that Ari's murder is irreconcilable. Nevertheless, the two of them stressed the need to foster people-to-people relationships, working toward overcoming stigmas and stereotyping, and developing actions that lead to greater inclusivity, focusing on the positive and not the political.

Their organization is named Kaleidoscope, and Ms. Zweiter had a small, child-like one in hand, as she explained that it captures the essence of their goals. All Israelis, no matter their distinct ethnicities or heritage, similar to the shifting cylinder of the kaleidoscope are a complex, colorful, and shifting pattern or scene, and, Ms. Zweiter fervently believes that we can work toward getting to know each other as people, with humanistic values that can be shared.

Are these goals euphoric and unattainable? The duo challenged our students to reflect on the stories of Kaleidoscope's successes, and asked that they work hard toward creating change through inclusivity.

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