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Nursery Children Practice Voting on Election Day!
Posted 11/07/2018 03:54PM

On Election Day, many nursery children came into class wearing their "I voted" stickers and shared what it was like to watch their parents vote. Children also shared what they think it means to vote. Student instructions on voting included, "you choose who you want to win. If they don't win, you can try again next time" and "you choose what you like best!"

In honor of Election Day, Nursery classes held their own class elections! Teachers set up a private voting booth and children placed their votes for the book they wished to read before the school day ended. Students chose between "Elephants Can't Dance," and " Pigeon Needs a Bath." They came up to the booth one by one and placed a sticky note on the cover of the book they wanted to read. After everyone voted, students counted the sticky notes on each book. "Pigeon Needs a Bath" was the winner! The total amount of votes was 13 to 6. After that, each child got his/her own voting sticker! The meaningful activity allowed our youngest students to experience civic participation by being "active citizens" in Nursery -- and paralleled the voting that took place all around the country!

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