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US Faculty Lecture Series Focuses on Emily Dickinson's Poetry
Posted 11/07/2018 01:39PM

This week's Upper School community lecture on Measuring Meaning with Scale and Context explored the notion of making meaning -- moving from an epistemological approach to a semiotic approach. Dr. Gaylord talked about how Emily Dickinson's poetry shows an evolution in her thinking about God -- from being dependent on a traditional version of God to feeling as though human beings are responsible for making meaning out of the raw material that God gives us. Participants then discussed how poet Wallace Stevens went even further to suggest that mankind creates God and religion as a means of manufacturing meaning in a chaotic and meaningless universe. But, in all cases, these poets celebrate the immense and glorious power of the human imagination. The lecture ended with a quick study of a Dr. Seuss book (McElligot's Pool), which celebrates human imagination in a much more playful way.

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