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The City Is Our Classroom! Excursions to Equinox, Petco, and Central Park!
Posted 10/31/2018 09:03PM

The ECC children are continuing to learn about the creation of the world! Through our program's integrated approach to learning, teachers helped students experience the vastness of the world by encouraging building projects! Students chose whatever interested them most about our world, including building Hubble telescopes, rocket ships, aquariums, fitness gyms, and even the entire solar system!

Last week, K-Kachol focused on the sixth day of creation when Hashem created animals and people! Students were most interested in learning about people and the human body. Many questions were asked about their own bodies, how they work, and even how fingers can bend! This discussion inspired the children to build a gym in their class. Parents and relatives in relevant fields were invited into the classroom to share their knowledge and expand on the children's research. The young students were very excited to hear from a personal trainer, a hand therapist, and a dermatologist! Our guests helped students add more ideas and facets to their "class gym."

After building their own exercise gym, the children were thrilled to learn that they would be visiting a real gym! They headed to Equinox on 85th and 3rd! Students were so excited to visit a real gym and see how a real gym operates. Before going on the trip, the children came up with a list of questions they wanted to ask while at Equinox.

Are there are showers at the gym? What do people eat after they exercise? What do you do at the front desk?


Students from Pre-K Lavan and K-Segol both visited Petco to further their study of the fifth day of creation when Hashem created the fish and birds! Students were so excited to go look at the pets at the pet store! They prepared questions for the salespeople, gathered answers, and can't wait to apply what they learned to their studies.


Many of the ECC classes also ventured out to Central Park this week. What did Hashem create on Day 3? The trees and the plants! The children made observations while walking to the park, noticing that many trees are beginning to change color. They also collected pinecones, sticks and leaves, and even counted the squirrels! Students hope to return to the park during each changing season to note the exciting changes and appreciate what Hashem has created! In addition, classes will put together books and use these materials to enhance their math, science, and literacy skills.

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