News From Ramaz

Thirteen US Honors Math Girls Compete In Michlalah's Worldwide Ulpaniadia
Posted 10/24/2018 09:00PM

The Ulpianada is a problem solving competition based on math skills and logical reasoning for Orthodox high school girls. Now in its sixth year in Israel, this is the third year that the Ulpaniada is international. Girls from Orthodox high schools worldwide are invited to participate.

Michlalah, a Jerusalem based women's seminary desires to promote Math among this Jewish women. The Upper School Math Department invited all female students taking Honors Math to consider competing and 13 girls accepted the invitation! The first round will be marked at Ramaz. The second round will also be hosted at Ramaz but graded in Jerusalem. The girls who qualify will have the chance to go to Israel for the final competition. In the past years, two Ramaz students have qualified for round three in Jerusalem.

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