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ECC Student "Block Share" Encourages Expressive and Receptive Language!
Posted 10/23/2018 04:24PM

Our ECC children love "Block Share." After students have worked very hard on building, they come together and describe what their structures are! This experience is fun and exciting for both the children who are discussing what they've made – using "expressive language" - and for the children who are listening – who respond with "receptive language." This sort of sharing promotes a tremendous sense of accomplishment among the children. Additionally, once students reflect on and share about what they've built, they're encouraged to think about the "how," "why," and "with whom," aspects of their actions. If you participate in our "block share," you would hear some of the following thoughtful questions: What did you make? Why did you choose those blocks? Did it fall at all? What did you do when it fell? This is just one example of the rich language, trial and error, and risk taking, that goes on at the ECC. Please ask your children to tell you about what they have built in school!

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