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LS Is Excited For Oneg Season To Officially Begin!
Posted 10/03/2018 10:38PM

Tomorrow, October 5, marks the first Friday of Oneg season at Ramaz! This year's Onegs will center around the value of respecting tradition while exploring new horizons and frontiers. Together with the music team, Mr. Silvestri has reimagined Oneg as a space that will highlight the beautiful ways in which our students express their Jewish identity and values here at Ramaz.

This year, 1st graders will explore new songs, the weekly parasha, as well as Jewish ethics and values, through vibrant and interactive stories and skits each week in smaller groups. Students will gradually transition into larger group Onegs later in the year.

Second through 4th grade students will continue to come together to celebrate Oneg together -- capping off the week and heading home on a spiritual high to welcome Shabbat! Students will learn exciting new Oneg songs as we expand our repertoire to include the latest Israeli and Jewish songs that highlight the unique Shabbat atmosphere.

In honor of the first parasha of the Torah, the first Shabbat after Simchat Torah, and the first Oneg of the year, tomorrow's theme will be "Creation: The Power of Firsts!" Stay tuned for some amazing pictures to follow!

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