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Hadar Goldin: Upper School Students Remember and Continue in His Footsteps
Posted 10/03/2018 11:54PM

עוז וענוה–הדר: Hadar—Strength and Humility

Hadar Goldin, z"l, a Lieutenant in the Givati Brigade of the IDF was killed on August 1, 2014 by Hamas terrorists, two hours after a cease-fire was declared in the Protective Edge War in Gaza, מִבְצָע צוּק אֵיתָן.

The Hamas terrorist organization kidnapped his body and, in death, Hadar has become a symbol for tens of thousands of Israelis. The Hebrew, עוז וענוה, strength and humility, the words that adorned the strap of his gun, so characterized Hadar, his eagerness to get up and do for others.

Mr. Omer Gamlieli, a Ramaz parent of Lower School students, introduced Tzur Goldin, Hadar's twin brother, to the junior and senior grades yesterday morning, immediately following Tefilat Shacharit. Mr. Gamlieli is a liaison to the Goldin family in the U.S., and, as a dedicated volunteer, manages the Hadar Goldin Foundation that focuses on supporting the family in their global campaign and effort to educate and raise awareness about their son, Hadar, and conducts intensive advocacy work in the U.S. and the international arena.

Tzur Goldin, a third year law student at Hebrew University, also served in Gaza, as commander of a Paratroopers Special Forces, only a few hundred meters distance from his brother. One would think it impossible to speak in an uplifting manner about such a dark and painful topic. And yet, Tzur's warm and welcoming style kept students' undivided attention. Even when Tzur told of Hadar's capture and ultimate death, his unassuming and humble manner prevailed. The pain he described was palpable but so too was his determination and courage to proceed against and in spite of all odds.

Tzur began and ended his brief remarks by thanking our students for their encouraging manner, for the signs they carry of his brother, Hadar, and of Oron Shaul at the Israel parade, and for supporting his parents, Dr. Leah and Professor Simcha Goldin, in their tireless efforts.

Please take a moment to watch the short video that was shown just before Tzur spoke to help students understand the history of this complex and painful situation:

The Goldin family planned their visit to New York to coincide with the UN General Assembly. The have also met with congressmen in Washington, and are visiting local communities investing all of their efforts to work to bring Hadar home together with Oron Shaul, the second fallen soldier, and two live civilians, and to promote a public campaign making their return an international priority.

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