News From Ramaz

Posted 06/14/2018 10:19PM

By Keren T. (Grade 5)

Korach is from shevet Levi. His birth is mentioned in the Torah. However in this parasha he starts a revolt against Moshe. He gets 250 people to confront Moshe and Aharon. These people were from Reuven and Levi. Korach says to Moshe that he is keeping Hashem to himself and that other people are also holy. Moshe and Korach go to the tent and both bring offerings. Then the earth swallows Korah, and fire consumes his 250 followers.

It is interesting to note that Hashem did not destroy Korach's family. Apparently Korach's family did not want to revolt against Moshe. In fact the decendents of Korach's family were very important. Some of his sons wrote psalms and Samuel the prophet was also a descendant of Korach.

The message I learn from this story is that Korach was right in one respect - each person is holy - we all have something to offer, we are all unique. But what he got wrong is although we are unique, that should not divide us. We can realize our unique potential and holiness by working together and respecting one another. Perhaps we best realize our own unique potential to serve Hashem and make the world a better place when we work together as part of a united Am Yisrael.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom!

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