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Final LS Oneg of The Year Thanks Rabbi Koslowe and Andrew Liebowitz - Video Within!
Posted 06/13/2018 05:49PM

Last Friday the LS celebrated its last Oneg for the school year. Like all of the Onegs, it was very special. Much of it was devoted to honoring Rabbi Koslowe and Andrew Leibowitz for all they have done at Ramaz to inspire our students to be menschen and to love learning and doing mitzvot and acts of chesed. The special books including words of appreciation, affection, and good wishes submitted by students, faculty, staff, and parents were presented to them. To view the book for Rabbi Koslowe, please click HERE. To view the book for Andrew, please click HERE. (For privacy, we redacted the personal messages submitted through Google Forms.) We were also happy to honor and thank all of our Ramaz faculty and staff for their commitments to our students and the Ramaz family.

To view a video of Andrew and Rabbi Koslowe's last oneg at Ramaz, please click HERE.

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