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Mazal Tov to Rachel S. for Receiving This Year's William Goldberg Award
Posted 06/06/2018 05:08PM

Every year it is Ramaz's distinct honor to confer upon one student, nominated by fellow students and faculty, the William Goldberg Award.

It is gratifying to know that since sending requests for nominations a few weeks ago, the US received over two dozen names of students, accompanied by the most moving and inspiring descriptions of fine character. Each and every one of these nominations were thoughtful and beautifully written acclamations of integrity, honesty, generosity and humility. It says much about Ramaz that so many of its students seriously considered whom they wanted to nominate and took the time to write why.

But, alas, the Goldberg family asked Ramaz to select only one student for this award.

Mr. William Goldberg was the grandfather of several Ramaz graduates, the most recent was a graduate of the class of 2014, Daniel Berg. Daniel described his grandfather "was very, very generous and wanted to help others. He was very friendly and open to everyone, everyone knew him and had good things to say about him. He loved good character. That is the image I have of him."

Incidentally, one of the small sifrei Torah used by the freshman minyan and taken with on all shabbatonim was donated to Ramaz by the Goldberg family for the Bar Mitzvah of one of their grandchildren.

The following is what students wrote about this year's awardee:

She is an amazing person who not only shows her excellence through her academics, but through her kind and empathetic character. She is one of the kids whom you will always see davening during shacharit and mincha with full כונה, and who will always collect the siddurim and mincha cards afterwards.

The Torah as the basis of our religion teaches us mitzvot to improve our character in order to enrich our lives. The most important obligation of ours,"ואהבת לרעך כמוך", happens to be the most difficult mitzvah we have, yet she makes it seem so easy. She is someone who possesses the qualities, intelligence, and values that Ramaz strives for.

She never gives in to peer pressure, and always tries her best at everything. She does things because she knows it is the right thing to do. She doesn't care who knows or sees. She is the perfect role model for the incoming freshmen and for anyone else in this school. She is the epitome of being a mensch and is everything Ramaz stands for. She is the first to volunteer when help is needed.

This year the William Goldberg Award was given to: RACHEL S.

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