News From Ramaz

Josephine S. Speaks To US Students About Allergy Awareness
Posted 06/06/2018 02:59PM

In honor of Food Allergy Awareness month, sophomore Josephine S. presented to each of the high school minyanim information about food allergies. Josephine explained what a food allergy is and how to help people with food allergies. She also taught students how to administer epinephrine, the life-saving medicine used in case of an anaphylactic reaction, through an Epipen or AuviQ injector. Josephine, a member of Food Allergy Research and Education's (FARE) Teen Advisory Group, is leading a teen project on Epipen training in schools, and her presentations at Ramaz were part of this initiative. TAG gives voice for the teen and young adult food allergy community. Josephine thinks it is extremely important for students to know how to use an Epipen - 1 in every 13 American children has a food allergy, and students can save their friends' lives with this skill. Click HERE to watch Josephine's power point presentation, the images and text complemented her erudite presentation and reinforced this important health message.

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