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Israeli Soldiers Spend Day At Ramaz US, Attend Classes, and Play Ball
Posted 05/16/2018 09:48PM

Upper School students had the opportunity to share their school day with a number of Israeli soldiers who traveled to the United States to speak about their experiences defending the land of Israel. The soldiers shared both their positive experiences and the challenges they face while serving, and highlighted why they feel it is important to serve, what it is like to train, to make difficult decisions, and how to stay motivated. The day started off with soldiers attending each of the US minyanim, including a female soldier who spoke at the women's Tefillah group. Soldiers later joined students in their classrooms. In Hebrew classes students asked the guests questions b'ivrit and the Talmud classes learned Torah with the soldiers through Talmud sources the students had prepared about Israel, including mitzvot of Eretz Yisrael, the halakhic view of martyrdom, and through modern sources on the Holocaust. Students were happy to spend the day with their new friends, with whom they were able to hang out with informally at lunch and after and to play basketball!

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