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Preparing for Pesach With Songs, Matzah Baking, and Egyptian Art at the MET!
Posted 03/27/2018 11:27AM

Pesach preparations were in full swing in the ECC. Students celebrated Rosh Chodesh Nissan together by singing their favorite Pesach songs in preparation for the holiday! They also played a special game of "Guess Who, Guess What" with the different characters from the Pesach stories, and significant objects from the stories. Students really enjoyed the guessing game and did a great job on coming up with the correct answers. They were also lucky to bake their own matzah, in exactly 18 minutes, as is the halakhic requirement. Students were encouraged to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between matzah and challah. The activity culminated with an afikomen "hunt," which was a hit among the investigative little ones!

In addition to the Pesach activities run at school, students visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the Egyptian Art exhibit, so that they could learn more about the way people lived in Mitzrayim. They saw huge statues of Pharaohs and many significant Egyptian artifacts, including hieroglyphics. These drawings etched into sheets of papyrus depicted daily life in Egypt, including their religious rituals. The students were very excited to encounter these strange and curious statues, drawings, and objects, and left with a deeper understanding of the culture the ancient Israelites had lived with and suffered under before leaving Egypt.

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