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Noa Raviv Israeli Fashion Designer Visits US Honors Modern Israel Course
Posted 03/06/2018 03:26PM

By Maya S. '18

Ms. Barak's Honors Modern Israel class was honored to meet Noa Raviv, an Israeli designer and artist, who is emerging as one of Israel's innovative thinkers in the fashion world. Raviv, almost nine months pregnant, sat down with the class and started her presentation by asking the students to close their eyes and imagine their favorite outfit and how they feel when they are wearing those clothes. Then she asked them to imagine everyone else was wearing the same thing.

During her service in the Israeli army, Raviv struggled to present the side of herself that loved fashion with her required army uniform. In college, Raviv took classes in art and fashion, but she was also fascinated by the 3-D printing technology that was new at the time. She decided to take a class in 3D printing where she discovered what she called "the power of mistakes." Computer glitches and wrong keystrokes created something fascinating on her screen, and she decided to combine these "mistakes" with her love for fashion.

This was the beginning of the path, full of obstacles, that led to Raviv's line "Hard Copy" gaining fame and recognition world wide. She used these new designs and, after many phone calls and emails, partnered with a 3D design company, Stratasys, and printed her designs. These pieces were shown in fashion shows and magazines, and are currently presented in exhibitions in museums around the world such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was named in Forbes 30 under 30, and Vogue's 16 of '16. Recently, Raviv produced a line of clothing with Israeli designer, Ronen Chen, that is now sold in stores.

Noa Raviv emphasizes the interaction between chaos and harmony, and how important it is to find the balance between them. She was inspired by inter-disciplinary fields, and she urged the class to always look for creative ideas using technology and the world around them.

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