News From Ramaz

7th Grade View Jewish Museum Exhibit on Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress
Posted 02/07/2018 03:13PM

The 7th grade participated in its longstanding annual partnership with the Jewish Museum. In preparation for touring the current exhibit on display, Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress, guest artist Jeff Hopkins visited each class to enable students to preview some of the garments on display. Hopkins posed a series of questions to students, prompting them to look at each piece with a critical eye and noting the cross-cultural influence that inspired some Jewish life-cycle garments. Students started noticing how some outfits conformed to local social and cultural styles while still maintaining a uniquely Jewish character. Following the presentation, the 7th grade class visited the exhibit, and had a chance to sketch patterns and styles. These sketches will be used as inspiration when Mr. Hopkins returns to the classroom in the upcoming weeks to guide them through a hands-on art project.

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