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The ECC Had A Tree-mendous Tu B'Shevat
Posted 02/07/2018 11:57AM

The Kindergarten celebrated Tu B'Shevat by joining the 5th graders in the MS for a holiday themed round robin. The 5th graders prepared a very meaningful morning for the younger students. The ECC children painted planters, played Tu B'Shevat Bingo, and decorated a large tree. It was beautiful to see the 5th grade children interact with the kindergartners and work together to make this Tu B'Shevat so meaningful. We hope to join the Middle School children again soon.

The Pre-K classes had their own Tu B'Shevat seder -- they learned about the shivat minim and then ate some of them! Each class prepared something to bring to the party and the children recited the brachot in the proper order and feasted on different fruits, drinks, and even rain-forest (fruit) cookies. Everyone also joyously sang Tu B'Shevat songs together, as a final way to celebrate the holiday

The Nursery classes had their own Tu B'Shevat round robin. The children planted seeds, made fruit patterned skewers, and created collages using recycled materials.

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